Thursday, September 1, 2011

EverTune my violin please!

For all the string players out there, hope with me that the EverTune bridge will be created for ALL string instruments ASAP! The EverTune bridge is a spring and lever system that will keep a string instrument in tune 'forever'! As of right now, this creation is only used on electric guitars but the theory of the bridge is said to work for all strings and there are reports of how developments are being made to apply the EverTune bridge to other strings such as the piano. As a musician, I would enjoy having that extra amount of time, no matter how small, to play instead of having to tune every time my strings are off-key. After all, music is about enjoying the sounds we hear and every moment counts. And to those of you who aren't musicians, I'm sure you would love hearing performances that are in tune. Every person has the ear to tell when something doesn't sound right. Some just may have their ear cultivated more than others. Either way, I hope the EverTune bridge will allow every one of us to enjoy the power of music so much more.