Monday, February 6, 2012

Writing and A Contest

From writing a novel to jotting down a haiku, the world of writing has many wonderful things to celebrate! In time, I hope to figure out how to use this blog more efficiently by creating sections, especially one solely for writing which will include tips, information about others in the writing world and will include my own adventures. My adventures haven't been too exciting... yet, I hope.

But until that day comes, I'm jumping right in to tell you about the awesome S.M.Johnston who is celebrating the launch of her website called "The Weird Writing World of S.M.Johnston." As a celebration, she is having a giveaway which includes:

Go to her post to check out this wonderful opportunity for readers and writers alike, as well as check out the rest of her awesome new site!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

EverTune my violin please!

For all the string players out there, hope with me that the EverTune bridge will be created for ALL string instruments ASAP! The EverTune bridge is a spring and lever system that will keep a string instrument in tune 'forever'! As of right now, this creation is only used on electric guitars but the theory of the bridge is said to work for all strings and there are reports of how developments are being made to apply the EverTune bridge to other strings such as the piano. As a musician, I would enjoy having that extra amount of time, no matter how small, to play instead of having to tune every time my strings are off-key. After all, music is about enjoying the sounds we hear and every moment counts. And to those of you who aren't musicians, I'm sure you would love hearing performances that are in tune. Every person has the ear to tell when something doesn't sound right. Some just may have their ear cultivated more than others. Either way, I hope the EverTune bridge will allow every one of us to enjoy the power of music so much more.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Welcome to Art of MSW!

It is as if one starts out as a blank sheet of paper. Then as time slips past, splatters of ink fill the paper, creating shapes of all sizes and colors. These shapes create the art that is us all. Then there are those extra dimensions. There is the sounds we hear that affect the direction of our ink strokes, movement flowing or jagged depending on the emotions we feel. This kind of thinking is what sparked the start of this blog. I have a special place in my heart for the arts: for music, paintings, singing, acting, writing, reading, dancing etc. The arts have played a special role in my life and through them, I wish to share the wonders of not just my life, but also to encourage others to allow the arts to play a role in their lives. I may not know the direction this blog shall take, but that's what makes the experience all the more interesting. C'est la vie, everyone. C'est la vie.